Morgan Newton Company – A Legacy of Trust Since 1975

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Morgan Newton Company is a veteran owned and operated Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider located in Plano, Texas that began operations in 1975. Historically they delivered private label electronic contract manufactured components for select original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) until the late 1980s. At that point, they began to expand their manufacturing capabilities with surface mount automation tailored to their customers’ needs. This allowed them to be a leader over their competitors. Morgan Newton serves many types of industries including medical, government and security, computers and peripherals, industrial controls, oil and gas, telecommunications, and transportation.

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The Situation

As a successful contract manufacturer, Morgan Newton was faced with new requirements from their customers. The company needed to expand their Quality Management System (QMS) from the ISO 9001 standard (certified to in 2001) to the latest Medical QMS (ISO 13485), Aerospace QMS (AS 9100), and the critical Process Control standard for Medical Devices, MedAccred. In order for Morgan Newton to continue to grow their business and stay on the leading edge of their market, they needed to incorporate these standards to assure the quality and controls that would continue to make their products best-in-class for mission critical products.

Because medical devices and military defense products make   up the majority of their business, the Morgan Newton management team called on TMAC quality experts once again because of their dynamic 20 year relationship. TMAC worked to design and implement a  QMS  that  would  not

only keep Morgan Newton ahead of their competition, but would help them continue to build complex, high-quality, high reliability medical devices that save lives along with products that support many top defense and homeland security companies.


The Solution

TMAC began by providing a framework with a gap analysis assessment which showed current state and future state of the organization. TMAC then worked with the Morgan Newton management team to develop an implementation plan defining a path to compliance to successfully fulfill their customers’ strict requirements. The combined team worked to create new procedures, work instructions, training, and brought in new personnel and equipment.

Once the two traditional QMS were in place, the management team continued to utilize TMAC’s expertise as Morgan Newton began their journey toward MedAccred certification

Through the Performance Review Institute (PRI). Because Morgan Newton is a major supplier of life saving medical devices, they needed MedAccred to remain competitive in the supply chain. MedAccred validates the critical processes and products in a documented format in order to satisfy strict regulatory requirements, reduce overall risk, and prevent defective products from leaving the production line.

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The Results

Since moving into their new facility over 10 years ago, Morgan Newton’s commitment to the quality of their processes and products, with the help of TMAC’s Business Advisors, has allowed them to double the number of employees, triple revenue, expand their customer base, lead their competition, and grow into their larger facility with expanded product lines.

In the past 12 months alone, Morgan Newton has realized millions of dollars of new and retained sales, and have created and retained many jobs as their demand increased.

As a result of their MedAccred certification, Morgan Newton will be the first Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) manufacturer in Texas to successfully obtain this certification!

Business has tripled in a highly competitive market – those kinds of things don’t happen to a 45 year old company without continuous improvement. We attribute TMAC as a major part of our success

Todd KingreyV.P. Sales and Marketing