TMAC has partnered with Sustainment to bring you the Texas Manufacturing Network. This network will enable manufacturers and suppliers to connect using searchable criteria to narrow the scope and enhance outcomes.

The network is simple to use. Manufacturers are continually being entered into the network. Simply claim (or create) your company profile, add information regarding your company’s business and capabilities, and you’re done!

Searching the network is simple as well. Select pertinent search criteria based on your specific wants/needs and view results.

Free Tools Available to You in the Texas Manufacturing Network


Expand Your Local Network: Use the search engine to discover, connect to, and collaborate with a broader network of local partners and suppliers.


Showcase Your Business: Enhance your online presence and highlight your capabilities, certifications, and small business classifications to local partners, DoD procurement teams, and other potential customers with the information they need to find and vet you.


Discover New Opportunities: Directly access current RFQs from multiple sources that are intelligently mapped to your capabilities to help you explore and expand into new markets, including defense, aviation and aerospace.


Leverage Advanced AI: Participate in the advanced AI engine that scans technical data from enterprise procurement teams to associate part requirements to your manufacturing capabilities so that you can seamlessly be found by new customers.


Access Support Resources: Connect to curated federal, state, and local manufacturing programs and resources that are dedicated to specifically help your business succeed.

Get started today with building your bottom line and growing your business.

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