Sey Tec and CW Aerotech

“Soaring to New Heights”

Sey Tec and CW Aerotech merged their two companies in 2000 forming SCW Diversified. Sey Tec, a woman-owned company founded in 1988, is a distributor of aerospace fasteners and related hardware. CW Aerotech (CWA), founded in 1992, specializes in high-tech research and development including a newly filed patent associated with their energy dissipation technology projects. Together they are developing greater market share, increasing revenues and profits plus growing a world class workforce. Markets include OEM’s, repair and overhaul facilities, airlines as well as military and defense contractors.


The two companies complement each other with high levels of imagination, innovation and invention to sustain and grow their business in the highly competitive global aerospace sector. TMAC has worked with the company across multiple next generation strategies in a long-term transformational series of engagements including: supply chain, technology, continuous improvement, workforce, growth and sustainability.


The Situation

Sey Tec/CW Aerotech and have a relationship with TMAC dating back to 1992. At that time CWA was active with the federal Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs. CWA accessed the resources of UT-Arlington’s TMAC and its sister organizations and partners; the Small Business Development Center for Enterprise Excellence (SBDC/EE and the Cross Timbers Procurement Center (CTPC).


CWA, TMAC, and the SBDC/EE worked together early on to develop an SBIR project that makes ground water potable using a high intensity deionization system. This led to the esteemed SBIR Tibbett’s Award to the SBDC/EE. TMAC continues to work with CWA expanding their technological outreach including their patented energy absorption products adapted for aircraft landing gear systems.


When Sey Tec and CWA outgrew their warren of buildings in 2011 they turned to TMAC for the design and interior layout of their new 30,000 square foot facility in North Richland Hills. The purchase is backed by an SBA guaranteed loan designed to fit small business needs.  As well as the broad-based distribution opportunities brought by the company, city economic development officials were excited about the potential to inject emerging technologies into their community.


The Solution

TMAC offered a 3-phase approach to implement the new facility’s layout with an eye toward future capacity planning.  Phase I involved conducting research to understand the current operating environment and documenting the current state of the facility. Phase II called for the design and development of unique solutions for the layout issues.


Phase III installed new processes and implemented improvements to current state practices. A key piece of the solution was identifying key processes and implementing weighted measures to develop an optimal efficient layout; each process was weighted and evaluated relative to its relationship with both upstream and downstream links in the chain. Once performance measures were established they were used to optimize the flow of materials as well as person to person communication flow during their daily transactions. The warehouse area now revolves around a “U” shape with greatly reduced waste of motion and includes point of use storage.


Sey Tec/CW Aerotech readily embraces a culture of “family” and has an extremely low turnover rate. The level of buy-in throughout the organization for the new facility improvements has impacted both the company’s top line growth and bottom line improvements. TMAC’s proven expertise in growing the firm’s capacity through rapid prototyping, process improvements and business coaching rates high with company executives who exclaim, “TMAC has been instrumental in our endeavors over the years; when it came time to move and design the new interior we knew they’d be an integral part of our team.”


The Benefits

Sey Tec/CW Aerotech expects great days ahead. Employment has grown to nearly 50 and technological outreach is expanding. They are successfully penetrating Asian markets, now offer their customers kitting services (the process of placing two or more items together to form one group of products sold as a single item) and are on track for their best year ever! The company attributes the hiring of an experienced outside sales person, their new professional and polished facility and journey of continuous improvement as additional contributors to their success.


Sey Tec is an approved authorized distributor for larger component suppliers, a Lockheed Preferred Supplier, and they have staff registered to Black Belt and Green Belt quality systems. They also have an ITAR Empowered Official on staff. They will be certified to the AS 9120 Aerospace Distribution Quality Management Standard in March of 2013 having previously acquired ISO 9001 and AS 9100C certifications. Lockheed has also selected the company to participate in their Strategic Performance Management Team (SPMT) where suggestions flow up to the prime contractor to take out cost and add value across the supply chain.


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