Revitalize Charging Solutions

“Let Us Revitalize Your Vehicle”

Revitalize Charging Solutions (RCS) was founded in 2013. RCS’s primary objective is to become the global leader in the electric vehicle charging industry. Revitalize Charging Solutions is on the cutting edge of EV Technology. Their goal is simple, to keep your battery charged and your electric vehicle drivable. With this in mind, they have designed and built an interactive charger, that is easy to use and a pleasure to operate. Whether you are a private or public business, municipality, parking garage, university or a workplace, RCS has a solution for you.

Revitalize Charging Solutions’ ultimate desire is to be a major influencing factor helping our nation reduces its dependence on foreign oil.

The Situation

The management team at RCS was faced with growing customer demand for a residential model EV charger. Their current design was not able to accommodate smaller mounting footprints (e.g. house garages) to offer a personal charging solution for their customers.

RCS needed to design and build a residential model electric vehicle charging station enclosure. The decision was made to build this product overseas to reduce manufacturing costs initially.

RCS needed to find suitable companies to construct this product in large scale.

The management team decided to engage TMAC to assist on the design and construction of this residential model EV charger.

The Solution

TMAC utilized a Lean product development / design approach for the development of a new design to fit the requirements given by RCS and establish customer-defined value added product features. Through a continuous product development cycle, TMAC generated a series of conceptual designs and funnel into a detailed design.

TMAC obtained manufacturing partners to make the design fully compatible with molding manufacturing methods and to obtain quotes and estimates for mass production.

TMAC fully integrated these suppliers/manufacturers into the product development cycle.

The Results

TMAC started working with RCS in 2015 and the final design was completed by 2017. RCS has seen improved investor interest opportunities and leads. Additionally, RCS has seen improvement in customer interest by gaining a solid customer base in the residential market.

In addition, the prototype is aiding RCS to stay in the lead in the residential market with a finalized moldable design ready to launch for mass production in the summer of 2018.


To download a PDF version of this success story click here.


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