For manufacturers, products are the primary source to generate profits. TMAC works with companies and entrepreneurs to bring products from idea to market to profit. From product design and development to prototyping, testing, and for product differentiation, TMAC’s engineering staff can design, simplify or redesign your products to attract more customers and generate even more profit. Beyond the technical aspects of product, TMAC also examines the marketplace, total business model of product launching and success.

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Nanoscope Technologies is the only industry to be awarded Audacious Goal Initiative grant and major Bioengineering Research Grant by National Eye Institute to advance delivery as well as optogenetic modulation and activity monitoring platforms.

Sulagna BhattacharyaCEO, Nanoscope Technologies



  • Product development speed
  • New product design
  • New customers
  • Profits / revenue


  • Risk
  • Design complexity
  • Product and production costs


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