Processes are the heart of business. Poor processes result indecreased customer and employee satisfaction, delayed delivery times, and ultimately poor cash flow, profit and company valuation. Whether regulatory or compliance-driven such as OSHA, FDA, ISO, or other certifications, TMAC provides our expertise to help you not only achieve your desired result but also increase profits. In addition, profit-driven process and system improvements using a multitude of proven methods, frameworks, and techniques from Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints to Technology, Toyota Production System, and more. TMAC’s experts bring decades of experience implementing business to drive profit. Whether materials, machines, methods, measurement, environment or people related, TMAC can help your company achieve greater performance.

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TMAC was key to helping InterConnect Wiring vastly improve our kit manufacturing line. It was a little embarrassing to see all of the wasteful practices that crept into our production line over the years. TMAC helped point them out and then worked with us to eliminate them. Thank you TMAC.

John AshourPresident & Founder



  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity and on-time delivery
  • Capacity and quality
  • Cash flow and gross margin
  • Environmental and safety compliance


  • Set-up time
  • Lead time
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Inventory
  • Decrease regulatory obstacles


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