People are a company’s greatest asset. TMAC brings tried-and-true knowledge, skills and abilities to develop your greatest asset–your people. From top leadership, supervisors and leads, and functional managers, TMAC can introduce and coach your people with an emphasis on learning by doing–actually implementing what they’ve learned to drive results. In addition, TMAC focuses on the Talent Management Pipeline which includes the right people to get the job done effectively and efficiently, reducing the cost of turnover, improving morale and increasing profits.

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As CEO of Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions, I experienced firsthand the impact that TMAC and ARMA had on the manufacturing community and on my businesses. Through the association, we made relationships that directly increased our sales in the millions and helped us to hire hundreds of people. The educational events and ARMA community also reinforced our company culture and provided us with a winning edge. We are grateful to TMAC and NIST MEP.

Robb MissoCEO, Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions



  • Attraction and retention rate
  • Employee satisfaction / morale / pride
  • Overall labor effectiveness,  productivity and safety
  • Training effectiveness
  • Sales revenue and gross margin


  • Staffing lead time
  • Lost production, revenue, and sales
  • Onboarding time
  • Training time
  • Turnover and staffing costs


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