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TMAC works with leadership teams to perform market analysis and identify practical financial data-driven cash flow, revenue and profit opportunities. Using various time-tested proven techniques, TMAC leverages the total business envelope and from products and processes to technologies and people to improve sales, profits, company value and cash flow. Our integrated approach targets practical solutions to shore up profit leaks, pursue market penetration opportunities and increase your return on assets.

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For manufacturers, products are the primary source to generate profits. TMAC works with companies and entrepreneurs to bring products from idea to market to profit. From product design and development to prototyping, testing, and for product differentiation, TMAC’s engineering staff can design, simplify or redesign your products to attract more customers and generate even more profit. Beyond the technical aspects of product, TMAC also examines the marketplace, total business model of product launching and success.

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Processes are the heart of business. Poor processes result indecreased customer and employee satisfaction, delayed delivery times, and ultimately poor cash flow, profit and company valuation. Whether regulatory or compliance driven such as OSHA, FDA, ISO, or other certifications, TMAC provides our expertise to help you not only achieve your desired result but also increase profits. In addition, profit-driven process and system improvements using a multitude of proven methods, frameworks, and techniques from Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints to Technology, Toyota Production System, and more. TMAC’s experts bring decades of experience implementing business to drive profit. Whether materials, machines, methods, measurement, environment or people related, TMAC can help your company achieve greater performance.

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Not since the introduction of computerization has manufacturing seen technology adoption as wide-spread as it is today. The integration of technology into products and processes has been identified as one of the greatest competitive advantages going forward. From simple mechanical devices (mechanization) to practical automation and sensorization, TMAC’s staff bring practical solutions to improve productivity and profitability. Smart Manufacturing technologies including 3D printing, Collaborative Robotics, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, and more can solve everyday capability and capacity problems as well as support improved management decisions to drive profit and business financial improvements.

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People are a company’s greatest asset. TMAC brings tried-and-true knowledge, skills and abilities to develop your greatest asset–your people. From top leadership, supervisors and leads, and functional managers, TMAC can introduce and coach your people with an emphasis on learning by doing–actually implementing what they’ve learned to drive results. In addition, TMAC focuses on the Talent Management Pipeline which includes the right people to get the job done effectively and efficiently, reducing the cost of turnover, improving morale and increasing profits.

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