Ewing Engineered Solutions

“Ewing Engineered Solutions Focuses on Strategic Planning”

Established in 1981, Ewing Engineered Solutions, is located in Allen, Texas.  It has been in its current business structure since 1991. They are a small Native American owned corporation. Ewing has evolved into an international communications supplier of turnkey solutions of products and services to the U.S. Federal Government and large prime contractors. Specifically, Ewing is the leading provider of two-way radio, communications, and satellite communications products and services to U.S. Federal Government agencies worldwide. They do this by providing products and services via GSA contract and traditional contracting. Ewing is a past SBA 8(a) contractor and an “Elite Platinum Channel Partner” with Motorola Solutions, Inc.


The Situation

Ewing had doubled its sales two years in a row and was on target to accomplish significant gains again in 2016.


The ownership of the company had three concerns:

1.) Were they growing too fast? If the company continued on this path, could they manage the growth? If so, what should the company look like as it relates to the number of employees, the type of equipment, the type of facility, and what should the structure and training be?

2.) If the company remained flat in sales, what, if anything, should be done to manage that scenario?

 3.) Indeed, what if the sales took an abrupt decrease?


The Solution

Owner and president of Ewing, Phil Hawley, knew he needed to seek outside assistance. He approached Cross Timbers Procurement Center and ask for their suggestions. Cross Timbers had been a trusted partner of Ewing for many years. Cross Timbers, being a member of TMAC, immediately suggested TMAC as not only the short term solution to Ewing’s situation but suggested TMAC become a strategic partner to develop and monitor the growth of the company while assisting with leadership development and quality issues.


A management review team was established to determine the first step. It was determined that Brandon Phoenix (assisted by Frank Groenteman) would conduct Strategic Planning sessions with Ewing to insure the processes were implemented to manage not only the day-to-day operation but insure the processes were in place for the strategic success of the company.


The Results

The success of the TMAC initiatives to date is measured in the comments from Phil Hawley, “This Strategic Planning effort by TMAC is the single most important management event in the history of Ewing Engineered Solutions.”  He went on to say that Motorola Solutions, Inc. was so impressed with the training, they paid the TMAC costs.


The Strategic Planning conducted by TMAC has allowed Ewing Engineered Solutions to stay on target to increase their sales. Specifically, their sales for 2014 was $45 million, 2015 was $52 million and 2016 is on target to increase their 2015 actual sales by 15%.


Mr. Hawley was so appreciative of the results that he wrote a letter to the president of The University of Texas at Arlington.


Ewing has been very active in implementing “all” the items that came out of the Strategic Plan suggested by TMAC and is looking forward to working with TMAC on other initiatives.


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