As part of TMAC’s mission, we strive to be a valuable resource for all Texas manufacturers to help you solve all of your business issues – COVID-19 is no different. We have compiled a list of key resources to help your organization successfully and confidently navigate through this difficult time. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at (800) 625-4876 or email us at


TMAC Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) recently received federal funding to assist small- and medium-sized manufacturers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding will allow TMAC to work with eligible manufacturers on a case-by-case basis to drive profitability, productivity and recovery. To see if your organization is eligible, please fill out the form below and a TMAC representative will contact you for more details.

Can Your Facility Manufacture Critical Supplies?

Heath care professionals and facilities all across the United States are looking for manufacturers who can provide them with critical supplies within the next 2 weeks, including: cotton swabs, tubes, gloves, protective suits, masks, PAPRs, rapid PCR test kits, ventilators, vital sign monitors and viral transport media.

In addition to this, they are looking for companies who can also fill in for those manufacturers whose supply chain was disrupted and can no longer make these critical medical devices.

Please read through the list of COVID-19 supplies needed along with specs for these products.

If you can help in this effort, we ask that you fill out the COVID-19 Critical Supplies Survey.

Understanding Medical Devices During the Pandemic – Video: Created by GenEdge (Virginia MEP)

Local Resources:

State of Texas

COVID-19 Resources

Drive-thru COVID-19 Testing

Office of the Texas Governor – Greg Abbott

Supply Chain Disruption

If your supply chain was disrupted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, TMAC is here to help you with reshoring and supplier scouting. Contact TMAC at for more information on how we can help you!

Business Services

Each situation is unique, but it is not unusual for Snapshot Business Services to help owners get immediate ongoing benefits:

  • Commercial Real Estate – CASH FLOW NOW, TODAY. Get paid back up to 100% of past taxes paid during the good years.
  • Payroll Tax Credits – Check from IRS for the past 3 years, and going forward
  • Hiring Tax Credits, and now Re-Hire and Employee Retention Credits

Health and Safety:

Financial and Workforce:

United States Government:

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