“Hot Jobs – We Burn Things @ Aeroblaze”

Aeroblaze Laboratory is a family-owned aerospace fire testing facility that specializes in Bunsen burner and oil burn tests for aircraft interior materials as well as engine compartments. Founder and owner Andrew Feghali previously worked in the aerospace industry for 5 years. Since the industry was rapidly growing, Andrew decided to launch Aeroblaze Laboratory in 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Situation

Andrew’s vision was not only to enter the aerospace material testing industry, which has a global customer base, but to offer enhanced customer service, faster turn times, lower costs and additional capabilities currently not provided by his competitors. He connected with TECH Fort Worth – a business incubation program – early in the process, and was able to develop and sharpen his business plans by utilizing TECH Fort Worth’s SMART START Program.

Despite the high initial capital, Aeroblaze started with new equipment and introduced proprietary automation into the testing process in order to meet Andrew’s vision while remaining cost competitive. Andrew knew what equipment was needed for the testing, but needed assistance to determine what was required to meet all state and federal regulations. In order to assist with this, TECH Fort Worth referred Andrew to TMAC.

The Solution

TMAC first conducted a feasibility study meeting with Aeroblaze before they opened their doors. The study determined that the biggest challenge was to complete the requirements under Title V of the Clean Air Act to ensure Federal and State compliance.

In order to determine compliance, the facility emissions generation category needed to be determined. This is based on potential emissions generated on a yearly basis. On an existing site, this magnitude of emissions can be sampled, collected and measured, and then calculated. Because Aeroblaze was on a green site that had not yet been constructed, taking actual measurements was not possible.

Research was conducted on the burn characteristics of various aerospace materials in order to get approximate data to calculate the yearly potential to emit emissions. Because the research and the appropriate emissions generation category was determined prior to construction of the facility, Aeroblaze was able to start contracting burn testing services months ahead of schedule. Aeroblaze began testing approximately the same time the construction of the facility was complete, avoiding any delay frequently encountered when waiting for permit requirements.

TMAC then assisted Aeroblaze with developing proprietary automated testing procedures to reduce tester variability and to provide more consistent customer testing results. This technology enhances safety by allowing remote access control of burn testing so that the operator remains in a control room and is not exposed to the testing environment.

The Results

Aeroblaze is quickly becoming a successful and competitive business in the aerospace material testing industry. They have created new jobs, built a new state-of-the-art facility, and provided significant benefits to local aerospace companies in need of flammability testing services. Aeroblaze is also Title V of the Clean Air Act Federal and State compliant and has developed proprietary automated testing procedures which provide more consistent results for their customers. Andrew’s long term vision is to “Become the global leader in the aerospace material testing industry.”


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