Tom Beard has over 35 years of experience in Operations Management and manufacturing. Since joining TMAC in 1995, he has been an advocate for Sustainable Manufacturing practices (economic, environmental, and social).  He helps organizations improve global competitiveness by identifying opportunities that eliminate all types of waste while improving margins and increasing both profitability and competitiveness.

Areas of Expertise:

Tom has manufacturing experience including purchasing, facility layout, time studies, cycle time reduction, work cell creation, bar coding, inspection, kitting, assembly, production scheduling, assembly supervision, assembly liaison, billing responsibilities, process mapping reviews, chemical waste disposal, warehousing and logistics.

He has over 20 years of experience working with companies to implement ISO 14000

Environmental Management Systems, ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems and ISO 50000 Energy Management Systems.

He has 18 years of training and on-site delivery for assessments of several EPA programs including the Green Suppliers Network and the E3: Economy, Energy and Environmental Assessment. He is certified by the Global Reporting Institute for Sustainability Reporting.

Scope of Experience:

Tom has worked as a Buyer / Planner, Manufacturing Engineer, Controller and Operations Vice President and has been with TMAC for over 23 years.

Relevant Assignments:

At TMAC, Tom worked with over 100 companies and municipalities on selection and implementation of ERP Systems, waste elimination from manufacturing operations, ISO 9000 ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 implementations, plant layouts and utility studies.

He has worked with the Industrial Assessment Center at Texas A&M to include Lean and clean practices in their standard assessments for manufacturers.

Education and Training:

Tom received his Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, and his Master of Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Honors, Awards and Special Accomplishments:

He is an ISO 14001 RAB Provisional Auditor, Certified in GRI Sustainability Reporting, has served as a Texas Award for Performance Excellence Examiner and is a member of the Gold Key Society.

Previous Employers:

General Manager – MPG Service and Sales Inc.

Program Manager – General Dynamics Fort Worth Division

General Manager – Conair Wor-Tex

General Manager – Wor-Tex Corporation



(817) 307-0486