Mark Sessumes


Mark Sessumes has 30 years of operations, management and consulting experience working with organizations to accelerate their profitable growth using Innovation, Productivity, Technology and Management Systems best practices. His numerous deployment engagements designing, developing and improving products, processes and people have resulted in 100’s of millions of dollars in documented impact. His special interest is working with leadership teams to adopt management and support systems necessary for enterprise transformation.

As Executive Director of TMAC, Mark has profit / loss and related performance responsibilities including Market and Sales Strategy and Execution, Product Portfolio Innovation and Management, Engagement Execution and Management, and Operations and Administration Management.

Areas of Expertise:

Mark specializes in Leadership Development and Operations Improvement. He draws from several bodies of knowledge to improve business performance including Business Management, Executive Coaching and Teambuilding, Production / Operations Management, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Management Practices, Theory of Constraints, Supply Chain Management and Total Productive Maintenance.

Mark applies his experience, knowledge, and abilities through executive coaching, facilitating executive teams, project work and training.

Scope of Experience:

Mark has completed numerous deployments and implementations, and trained hundreds of people in transformation and lean enterprise techniques resulting in millions of dollars in impact. His special interest is working with leadership teams in adopting the management and support system changes necessary to support transformation.

Relevant Assignments:

Since joining TMAC in 1995, Mark has worked in a variety of manufacturing industries including fabrication, assembly, job shops, remanufacturing, refurbishment, and continuous processing plants to increase productivity, lower costs, increase profits and generate top-line revenue. Additionally, Mark has experience in non-manufacturing industries such as health care, field service, construction, municipal government and administrative / office operations. He has worked in both union and non-union environments, and with companies ranging in size from three to several thousand employees.

Education and Training:

Mark is a certified Lean Practitioner, Shingo Prize Examiner, certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, certified in Change Management, and an Associate Editor for the Journal for Enterprise Transformation. He has been acknowledged in multiple publications regarding Lean Enterprise. Mark received his Master of Business Administration degree at The University of Dallas, and his Bachelor of Business Administration in Production / Operations Management from North Texas State University in Denton, Texas.

Previous Employers:

Regional Director – TMAC

Lean Product Group Leader – TMAC

Field Staff – TMAC

Regional Operations Manager – National Linen Service

Sr. Maintenance Manager – Greyhound

Operations Manager – Spring Engineers, Inc.



(817) 272-5985