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Planning & Assessment

Strategic Planning

TMAC can guide and facilitate an organization in establishing an operating plan. Emphasis is on strategic and long-range planning: developing Mission, Vision and Values; assessing the environment; setting balanced goals; aligning strategies; establishing objectives and accountabilities; determining performance measurements; and converting objectives into action plans.

Business Assessment - Enterprise Discovery Guide for Executives

The Enterprise Discovery Guide (EDGe) was developed by a team of experienced business consultants and manufacturing specialists from MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) Centers across the country. Content is based upon their collective expertise in helping small U.S. manufacturers adopt Best Business Practices to achieve profitable growth and global competitiveness. The EDGe is designed to address all aspects of the enterprise - its leadership, financial and operations management, business processes and operating practices, technology, organization culture, business information and people systems. The Discovery Guide serves as a gateway to co-discovery, relationship building, and collaborative enterprise development.



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