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Strategic Solutions

Using TMAC’s Strategic Solutions gives you the power to make smarter decisions, discover financial opportunity, and grow your business.  We offer an array of services that focus on growth, planning, business assessment, and supply chain management.

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Announcing the first scientifically-based service to help manufacturers significantly grow their businesses: Eureka! Winning Ways is a simple yet disciplined approach that quickly identifies and validates new ideas to increase top-line revenues, using proven idea-creation and deployment methodology.


TMAC provides structured Strategic Planning and Business Assessments. After working with 4,200 companies in Texas we've learned a few lessons. Learn more.

Supply Chain

Whether your need is training, supply chain development or supplier development, TMAC provides the resources to manage across organizations.



During every economic cycle, cash is of utmost importance for every company. TMAC offers financial services and workshops that increase cash, profits and financial acumen.


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