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Energy Conservation

Energy Assessment

Understanding energy usage in your facility is a critical step in determining how to conserve and save money. TMAC uses tools developed by the Department of Energy to conduct a comprehensive review of energy consumption and identify potential energy savings. The result is a list of actionable recommendations and analysis showing potential ROI.

TMAC also conducts focused evaluations of compressed air systems, motor-driven pumps and fans, process heating, and steam systems. Our customers typically experience savings of up to 20 percent on compressor operating cost just from fixing compressed air leaks.

Predominant Utility Usage Study (PUUS)

If 50% or more of your total facility energy usage is consumed by the manufacturing, you may be entitled to a state sales tax exemption and/or possibly a rebate. State law requires a Predominant Utility Usage Study (PUUS) to certify eligibility. TMAC performs PUUS and can answer your questions.

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