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Office & Administration

Office processes are vital to the successful transformation of the value stream and are often the best target for impacting cost, quality, and delivery. While the concepts, tools, and techniques used to transform production are also applied equally well in transactional office processes, the offerings included here are designed to relate specifically to the front-office and other non-production audience.

Principles of the Lean Office

The full-day Lean Office training workshop involves a mix of classroom style learning with an interactive live simulation where class participants take on the roles of managers and workers within a company. During the class time participants learn lean definitions and techniques. Then, the participants work in a traditional office environment with forms, calculators, and procedures. Throughout the day, they explore the application of lean techniques in the simulated office.

To apply the lean techniques, the office is transformed in three "stages" or "days" with the improvements implemented at the end of each "stage" or "day". Through the implementation of lean techniques, office work is transformed from a confused and slow process to a much more efficient, effective, and predictable one.

Value Stream Mapping for the Office

This workshop is designed to develop the participant’s skill with value stream maps to analyze the transactional business processes in detail from the process and customer’s viewpoints. Participants learn value stream mapping as a critical skill to eliminating waste in the existing process, how to develop a detailed, data-rich Value Stream Map in a hands-on manner, and helpful mapping hints. In addition, participants learn how to use the maps by developing their Ability to See the Flow and Create Current State Value Stream Maps Based on Understanding of Lean Techniques., Finally, they are able to Identify Specific Improvements to Apply, Create a Future State Map, and Prioritize and Select Lean Projects to Begin Deploying to Create Lean Office Processes. Available as an implementation project or training workshop.

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