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Lean Expert Development

Lean Experts are defined as those possessing the technical skills of various lean approaches, techniques, and tools. Their role is to be an internal technical resource used to identify lean opportunities, guide implementations of various projects, and develop others in their understanding of lean concepts and tools.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt Training

Time and quality are the two most important measures in improving any company's production and profit performance. Lean Six Sigma explains how to impact your company's performance in each, by combining the strength of today's two most important initiatives -- Lean Production and Six Sigma -- into one integrated program.

The first course to provide a step-by-step roadmap for profiting from the best elements of Lean and Six Sigma, this breakthrough training will show how to:

  1. Achieve major cost and lead time reductions in less than a year
  2. Compress order-to-delivery cycle times
  3. Reduce process variation and waste throughout your organization

Unlike its predecessors, Lean Six Sigma keeps improvement tied to business strategy. You'll learn how to determine which projects will have the biggest and quickest impact on you strategic and financial priorities. You'll learn the secret to eliminating the time traps that add delays and hinder speed in both service and manufacturing processes. Lean Six Sigma can show you how to permanently eliminate sources of unnecessary cost while reaching Six Sigma levels of quality, and dramatically improving shareholder value. Green Belt training is a two-week course in which attendees learn basic problem-solving tools. Black Belt training is a more rigorous four-week course covering both basic and advanced tools. The courses use materials developed and offered in partnership with George Group. Available as training workshops.

Lean Six Sigma for Service Green Belt & Black Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma for Service is based on the same tools, core principles and the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) process as Lean Six Sigma for manufacturing. All of the training is relevant to service and transactional processes with applicable case studies and exercises included throughout. Examples are drawn from various industries including healthcare, banking and insurance. Available as training workshops.

More information on all of the Green and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma courses can be found at

Lean Practitioner’s 9+3 Certificate Series

This program is tailored for manufacturing professionals leading lean initiatives who want to equip themselves with the skills necessary to be effective change agents and lean implementers. The 9+3 program consists of 9 days of simulation-based, hands-on workshops that present lean concepts, principles, tools and techniques plus a three-day rapid improvement event (Kaizen) to experience implementing newly learned lean practices in a real factory. The program is highly interactive and experiential, not simply classroom lectures and theory. It’s practical, effective and proven. Available as training workshop/implementation project capstone. For additional information and dates about the next course click here.

Team Facilitation Skills Training

Lean projects are most effective when deployed using teams. Beyond the technical skills of lean tools and techniques, lean experts must also possess the skill of team facilitation. A trained team facilitator is able to assume a key role in improvement teams or natural work groups. A facilitator who can advise teams, assist managers and serve as an internal process consultant is vital to the success of the lean enterprise. Participants will learn the roles of facilitator, leader and team member, skills in team building, communications, interventions, and guiding team activities. Available as training workshop.

Rapid Improvement Event (Kaizen) Methodology

A Rapid Improvement (KAIZEN) Event is a team activity aimed at rapid implementation of Lean methods to eliminate production waste in particular areas of the plant. This workshop covers the three phases of conducting an improvement event including: 1) Planning and Preparation; 2) Implementation…The Event Itself; and 3) Presentation, Celebration, and Follow-Up. Available as training workshop.

Lean Six Sigma Chartering Management & Project Selection

Most Lean Six Sigma and other improvement initiatives fail due to the selection of the wrong projects. Find out how to ensure you select and manage the right projects to have a bottom-line and strategic impact! This is hands-on training that allows you to understand Lean Six Sigma by experiencing it! Participants won’t just learn concepts, they will experience them in a simulation that illustrates the effective use of the DMAIC problem solving methodology. Also learn the key role of a Champion and the methods used for selecting, supporting, guiding and managing projects and Lean Experts/black belts. Review the role of Project Sponsors and their related activities. Available as training workshop.

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