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i2c (Innovation to Commercialization)



- Fact Based Market Data
- Technical Development
- Enabling Technologies
- Funding
- Knowledge of Supply Chain & Manufacturing Networks

TMAC Solutions:

- Market Intelligence
Engineering / Techincal Services
- Business Case Validation & Assistance
- Trusted Network of Supply Chain & Manufacturers




- Technology Valuation Services
- Large investments needed for patent protection
Partners to commercialize research
- Market driven technology development

TMAC Solutions:

- Technology valuation
- Industry knowledge for technology 
- Informed decisions for patent application (fail fast, fail cheap)
- Industry knowledge for demand
- Knowledge network for varying markets and supply chains




- Ability to innovate
- Fact-based Market Data
- Technical Development
- Enabling Technologies
- Profitable Growth

TMAC Solutions:

- Proven Innovation Process
- Fail Fast, Fail Cheap
- Market Intelligence
- Engineering & Technical Services
- Access to Open Innovation Networks for Latest Technology & Opportunities

TMAC works with companies, universities and entrepreneurs at any point in the i2c (Innovation 2 Commericalization) Life Cycle, from Innovation to Commercialization.

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