Product Development

Product Development

Whether you are looking for a systematic approach for Innovation to Commercialization, need to improve your existing design or create a prototype for a unique design, TMAC can assist.


Product innovation and design is imperative in keeping up with new technology and trends hitting the market today. By approaching innovation in a systematic way, an organization can decrease time and resources wasted on products that do not make it to market. This provides the organization with the opportunity to focus on ideas that do have potential to generate income.


Typical Results:

Increase new product introductions
  • increase product development speed
  • decrease product and production costs
  • increase bill of material accuracy
  • decrease engineering change orders
Increase market share / penetration
  • increase new customers
  • increase profits / revenue
  • decrease risk


Applied Bodies of Knowledge:

Value Analysis / Value Engineering

Continuous Innovation

Concept Design / Detail Design /

Prototyping / Testing

Product Design

Lean Product Development Process

Lean Six Sigma for Product / Process Design

DF(X) – Design for Manufacturing / Assembly / Sustainability / Maintenance / Safety

Risk Management

Technology and Supplier Scouting

Assessment and Research

Engineering Analysis

Process Engineering / Design / Automation