Maintenance and Facilities

Maintenance and Facilities

A well-run operation is dependent on the performance of equipment, facility efficiency and plant layout. Any issue with the equipment or facility negatively impacts the operation and ultimately, the bottom line.


By establishing a scheduled maintenance plan for on-site vehicles, machinery and buildings, the organization can protect and improve the life of these assets. Routine maintenance avoids costly breakdowns and keeps production from stalling while optimizing the functionality of the operation with an efficient plant layout.


For energy issues, it is imperative to investigate the facility from top to bottom to identify energy reduction opportunities within the building. Reducing waste and unnecessary breakdowns increases production while decreasing work-related injuries.


Typical Results:


  • customer satisfaction
  • equipment performance / life cycle
  • machine operator capabilities
  • equipment cross-training opportunities
  • capacity
  • productivity
  • quality
  • return on assets
  • return on investments
  • wasted space
  • product and production costs
  • risk
  • unnecessary investment


Applied Bodies of Knowledge:

Safety Management Systems

Equipment Performance and SMED

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Six Sigma

Lean Enterprise

Automation / Mechanization / Robotics

Maintenance Management Systems

Inventory Management


Environmental Management Systems

Plant / Layout Expansion and Relocation