Human Resources

Human Resources

The most valuable asset within an organization is its people. With a lifetime investment of a million dollars per employee, it is imperative that a company maximizes the value of its employees.


This investment begins with the recruitment and onboarding process, and continues with the retention of the employee. A person’s knowledge and experience within the organization is an extremely valuable  and competitive asset. Many organizations are beginning to experience ‘brain drain,’ which is the loss of this hands-on knowledge by those who retire or leave the company. Newer employees may not have enough industry or internal knowledge to fill the shoes of the more experienced employees.


This is just one of the many potential issues a Human Resources department can face on an ongoing basis. However, there are viable solutions for this and other problems that can occur with such a valuable asset – the employee.


Typical Results:

  • recruitment effectiveness
  • retention rate
  • employee satisfaction / morale / pride
  • overall labor effectiveness / productivity
  • training effectiveness
  • sales revenue and gross margin
  • safety
  • staffing lead time
  • lost production
  • lost revenue and sales
  • time to value
  • onboarding time
  • training time
  • turnover costs
  • staffing costs


Applied Bodies of Knowledge:

Talent Management

Production Skills

Supervisory Skills

On the Job Training (OTJ)

Apprenticeship Program

Leadership Development

Recognition and Rewards Systems

Safety Management Systems

Teamwork / Team Development

Mechanization and Automation

Training Within Industry (TWI)

Industrial Maintenance