Accelerating Profitable Growth

Regardless of the current size or profitability of your business, odds are that you would like to achieve at least three things:

  • More profitability and cash in the bank
  • Larger size and faster growth
  • Engaged employees, better controls, lower risks, less stress and in short, more fun!


Helping you and your business achieve these objectives is what TMAC’s Accelerating Profitable Growth is all about.


Your business is unique – but your business issues are not. We find that all business issues fall within one of these four functional areas:

  • Profits – Issues involving profitability, finances, accounting and control systems, operational data and the information derived therefrom;
  • Products & Processes – Issues involving your products or services, operating processes, productivity, efficiencies, capacity and quality;
  • People – Issues involving your employees, organizational structure, teamwork, compensation and motivation; and
  • Promotion – Issues involving your customers, markets, clarity of direction, strategy, pricing and the growth of the business.


We begin by meeting with you to understand your business and your business issues and objectives. We seek to understand where you are and where you want to be. We take a holistic perspective because issues that exist in one functional area are connected to issues and processes in all other areas.


There is often a core question of “How could someone from the outside possibly know more about my business than me?” The truth is, of course, that we don’t need to know more than you because you with your detailed knowledge are part of the improvement team working with us. We generally find that many employees have been with a business for their entire career, and relatively few have experience with more than a handful of different organizations. From their perspective, everything they see in your business looks “normal” because it’s essentially the only business model they know.


As active consultants, most of us at TMAC have worked in hundreds of businesses, and collectively within TMAC we’ve worked with thousands of businesses. We get a chance to see firsthand what works and what doesn’t, which allows us to identify “best practices” that can be applied to identify and address similar issues wherever we go. Often the best solution to an issue is something borrowed from other organizations, many times even from different industries. This experience with issues across businesses and industries is part of what makes outside consultants so effective. It’s an old cliché, but when you’re in the middle of the forest all you can see are trees – while TMAC advisors have an opportunity to see the entire forest and help identify and guide your path through it.


Understanding your business, identifying the issues, developing the actions, prioritizing resources, empowering your people and guiding you and your entire team to achieve your mission – often far beyond what you thought was possible. That’s TMAC’s Accelerating Profitable Growth Initiative. It is a powerful concept!