Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Limited funds or other critical resources reduce the ability of an organization to take advantage of business opportunities, inhibits growth, drains the team’s energy and time, and increases the risk of failure.


With effective financial management, continuous improvement and a business assessment, the organization can reduce spending and provide financial structure in order to create a proactive approach to financial performance goals and objectives.


A business assessment and diagnostic analysis of the organization’s financial status equips the leadership team with precise profit building information. TMAC works with the team to determine which Bodies of Knowledge to deploy within and across the various departments to improve performance and efficiency while accelerating profitable growth.


Typical Results:

  • business value
  • profit
  • financial performance
  • productivity
  • revenue growth
  • understanding of costs
  • accounting process cycle time
  • product costs
  • total cost of ownership
  • risk

Applied Bodies of Knowledge:

Business Assessment

Financial Analysis

Family Business Advisor

Business Valuation

Profit Planning

Lean Accounting / Costing

Theory of Constraints

Total Cost of Ownership

Cost Management

Make / Buy Analysis

Activity Based Costing / Management

Supply Chain Optimization