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Innovate and Develop New Ideas for Growth

Generate new ideas for growth. Develop ideas faster than ever before. TMAC offers proven methods to ideate, design, and get to market products and services that generate revenue.


Despite an increasing need for speed and efficiency, much of the effort expended by product development teams is often unnecessary and potentially wasteful. In many cases, only one or two hours of a team member’s work-day are actually spent directly creating value for their customers. The Lean Product Development Workshop Series provides your team with the expertise to strip waste, dramatically accelerate time to market, protect profit margins, and increase customer satisfaction. It is essential training for any product development group. Read more



Eureka! Winning Ways

Announcing the first scientifically-based service to help manufacturers significantly grow their businesses: Eureka! Winning Ways is a simple yet disciplined approach that quickly identifies and validates new ideas to increase top-line revenues, using proven idea-creation and deployment methodology. Read more.


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