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Grow your Business

In today’s hyper competitive environment, growing a business requires planning, efficient processes, leadership, and customer focused innovation. Whether you desire assistance in one area or a comprehensive approach, TMAC provides actionable steps to get you to the next level and beyond.

Strategic Planning

TMAC can guide and facilitate an organization in establishing an operating plan. Emphasis is on strategic and long-range planning: developing Mission, Vision and Values; assessing the environment; setting balanced goals; aligning strategies; establishing objectives and accountabilities; determining performance measurements; and converting objectives into action plans. Learn more.


TMAC's Quality Solutions delivers an array of services, training, and certifications that enable you to reduce variation, cut energy cost, manage resources, and maintain a safe work environment. Whether your company seeks a single safety course or a fully integrated quality management system, TMAC's training and implementation services are tailored to fit your company. Learn more.

Efficient Processes

Better. Faster. Cheaper. In today’s competitive world, it’s more important than ever to provide a quality product, at a low cost, faster than ever before. But how? Companies all over the world implementing a Lean Enterprise Operating System to achieve astounding results like these:

  • 30% - 100% Increased Throughput
  • 30% - 100% Increased Productivity
  • 30% - 80% Reduced Inventories
  • 50% - 80% Reduced Time-to-Customer for Order Fulfillment
  • 30% - 50% Reduced Time-to-Market for Product Innovation
  • Dramatically Improved Delivery Performance

Lean can generate outstanding results in your business. Learn more 


Product Innovation, Development & Commercialization improves the efficiency and productivity of the design process, including optimizing product characteristics to fit with customer desires or demand. Learn more.

Eureka! Winning Ways is a simple yet disciplined approach that quickly identifies and validates new ideas to increase top-line revenues, using proven idea-creation and deployment methodology. Learn more.

Leadership Development

TMAC develops leaders, experts, and problems solvers. We offer basic and advanced training in Lean Six Sigma, a powerful methodology for improving performance and eliminating variation. We also offertraining and development of Lean experts, defined as those possessing the technical skills of various lean approaches, techniques, and tools. Their role is to be an internal technical resource used to identify lean opportunities, guide implementations of various projects, and develop others in their understanding of lean concepts and tools. Learn more.

Training Within Industry (TWI) consists of three standardized programs covering essential skills needed by all supervisors and team leaders, regardless of industry: Skill in Instruction, Skill in Improving Methods, and Skill in Leading. Learn more.

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