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Be Environmentally Responsive

Smart material and energy management saves money and is good for business. Whether you are interested in implementing an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) or examining opportunities to lesson the environmental impact of your business, TMAC can help.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

With no previous knowledge of ISO 14001 companies can become registered to the standard in less than one year with hands-on training and implementation assistance. ISO 14001 detects and reduces waste in resources and processes and statistics show immediate return on investment and savings. Compliance to this EMS assists companies with their compliance issues at local, state and national levels. Aspects (the things within a company that could impact the environment) are identified and prioritized and action plans developed to eliminate or reduce them. Learn more.

Energy Assessment

Understanding energy usage in your facility is a critical step in determining how to conserve and save money. TMAC uses tools developed by the Department of Energy to conduct a comprehensive review of energy consumption and identify potential energy savings. The result is a list of actionable recommendations and analysis showing potential savings dollars. Learn more.

Lean and Clean: Environmental Value Stream mapping

Rapid improvement events are an effective tool to make an immediate impact in your facility. TMAC's Lean and Clean training provides hands-on guidance to build a Rapid Improvement Team that can identify and priorities targets for improvement through value stream mapping.   This workshop teaches people without an environmental background how to “see” environmental wastes and how to eliminate it. Learn more.


TMAC offeres training, seminars, and consulting on WEEE & ROHS, including management overview, directives training, and assistance with constructing a “reasonable steps” defense in case you are non-compliant. Learn More.

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