City of Coppell

“City of Coppell First Texas Municipality Registered to Environmental Management System”

Originally dubbed Gibbs Station in the late 19th century as a rail line stop, the City of Coppell is now home to approximately 40,000 citizens.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is the City of Coppell’s systematic approach to consider environmental impacts in routine decision-making and day-to-day operations, through establishing a framework for tracking, evaluating and communicating environmental performance. The City’s interdepartmental Green Team oversees the development of the ISO 14000 EMS. The City of Coppell is proud that it has the first certified/registered EMS developed by a municipality in the state of Texas!


The Situation

After the City of Dallas implemented their ISO 14000 Environmental Management System (EMS), they took a leadership role to promote the many benefits of EMS to other Metroplex cities. Encouraged by the benefits realized in Dallas, Coppell decided to jump in.

For the first 2 years Coppell participated in an EMS workshop series offered as part of an EPA Region 6 Pollution Prevention grant. The first year TMAC provided in-house training workshops supporting the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s efforts to promote EMS programs as part of their Clean Texas Program. This included an onsite assessment to record how the city was impacting the environment in its day-to-day operations. The impacts on their environment included air, water, land, flora and fauna.


The Solution

Next, the scope moved to Coppell’s recreation aquatics center. TMAC identified opportunities for both energy savings and storm water improvements. The team observed opportunities to turn off several large pumping motors that were previously being left on when not needed. The team also identified some improvements to help improve the storm water outflow at the site.


Finally, the scope moved to the Library system. The second year’s project implementation included Library management and personnel. TMAC toured the entire facility to identify the different ways the Library was impacting the environment. Initially the staff didn’t believe they would come up with many opportunities for improvement.


However, a thorough analysis by the team revealed many issues that could result in savings to both the city and its citizens. Their number one goal was to focus on paper reduction. Other concerns included the book recycling process, as well as building maintenance items such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and lighting.


The Results

Quantitative Impacts 2010

  • Registered to ISO 1400 EMS
  • Reduced annual energy use by 6%
  • Established a public education program to improve water quality as a result of this project
  • Awarded Gold Level Clean Texas membership by the TCEQ
  • Goal set to recycle 65% of waste at Service Center
  • 28,370 kWh of electricity was conserved
  • 9,095 gallons of fuel was conserved
  • 8,833 gallons of unleaded
  • 262 gallons of diesel saved


In 2011 the City received the National Environmental Health Association Excellence in Sustainability Award. And, the Greater DFW Corporate Recycling Alliance awarded the City for their Outstanding Municipality Sustainability Program.


 To download a PDF version of this success story click here.


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