Additional Services

TMAC focuses on the success of your organization. We believe in building a relationship with our customers and working with you to solve the issues your organization faces on a daily basis. Whether it is to assist you with clean up from Hurricane Harvey, guiding DOD contractors who were affected by sequestration, working with you to create a continuous improvement plan or to complete an assessment to better understand your organization, TMAC is here!

Take a look below at some of TMAC’s additional services:

DOD Contractors

Are you Department of Defense Prime and Sub-Prime Contractor?

Has your company currently or in past 4 years been awarded a contract from the US Department of Defense (DOD)? Have your revenues from DOD declined in recent years due to sequestration?

The DOD has funded TMAC to assist manufacturers in completing the entire Capability/Value Assessment to create a plan for a sustainable future.

Click on the link below to begin the first 18 questions, or please contact us for more information about the full Capability/Value Assessment. We will work with you to complete the entire assessment and will provide you with a detailed report and the next steps in transitioning to new revenue streams while retaining capabilities for future DOD needs.


What are you waiting for?

Begin your Capability/Value Assessment today!

What can the Capability/Value Assessment do for you?

  • Analyze your organization’s capabilities
  • Provide a base line for current and potential future value
  • And with TMAC’s trusted advisors, you will receive a comprehensive plan of action created to solve these business issues

The link above will allow you to answer the first 18 questions at no cost to you. Once you have completed these questions, one of our advisors will contact you with the results.

The entire Capability/Value Assessment is free of charge to qualified DOD contractors, so contact us to today!

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey proved that recovery can be difficult for any manufacturer or small business. TMAC is working to provide you with information and resources that will help you prepare for and recover from a disaster.

Click here for more information about how TMAC can work with you to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

TMAC's Texas Lean Six Sigma Program

TMAC’s Lean Six Sigma Program provides a systematic approach to dramatically improve cost, quality, and delivery by combining the strengths of today’s two most powerful business initiatives – Lean and Six Sigma – into one integrated program. The DMAIC process provides the overarching structure for project management, helping insure solutions are sustainable. Students learn through a combination of lecture, student project presentations, exercises, case studies and simulations. Experienced instructors emphasize practical application of tools and provide coaching on student projects.

Learn more about TMAC’s Texas Lean Six Sigma today!


Number of Black Belt Projects

The mean financial impact is $543,454 while the median is $142,500.


Number of Green Belt Projects

The mean financial impact is $463,770 while the median is $100,000.